Drew Smith joins forces with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

this weekend to provide residents and the local community with everything they need to help encourage bumblebees into their gardens. The team set up a pop-up stand at Drew Smith’s Pembers Hill Park sales office to share information on how to garden for bumblebees and answered questions from visitors around what plants are best, how to deal with nests, how to look after a stranded bee and much more.

Children also had an opportunity to win prizes by guessing which food are reliant on bee pollination as well as completing educational activities, activity sheets and colouring.

Simon Mason, Head of Sales and Development, said, “Pembers Hill Park is surrounded by countryside and it’s important to Drew Smith that we encourage residents to embrace the location and welcome wildlife in their own gardens. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust provided a wealth of information this weekend and it was great to see so many children getting involved and learning more about bees. I hope that we will see a rise in the numbers of bees throughout the development in the coming years”.

Check out our blog which includes some great tips on how to garden for bumblebees and also includes a link to the “Bee Kind” campaign that you can sign up to be a part of.

How Bee Kind is your garden?