World Mental Health Day 2021

At Drew Smith we understand the importance of raising awareness for good mental health throughout the business. With World Mental Health Day approaching this weekend the team have been busy encouraging our staff to improve their own mental health and wellbeing.

Site teams were asked to “Down Tools at 10am” for the chance to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea and time to catch up. Office staff were offered healthy snacks and fruit, which can provide vital nutrients and energy throughout the day. Also, lunchtime walks were organised to help employees to take a break and enjoy the fresh air.

Drew Smith is a regional branch of Vistry Partnerships who have also set up a programme of activities, webinars, and events. Vistry started the week joined by triathlete and Royal Navy officer Lt Nicki Whitehead RN for a live Q&A, where she discussed how physical activity has helped her mental health.

Hannah Munro, Office Manager, said; “Bringing mental health awareness into the workplace is a high priority for everyone at Drew Smith. This is why we have put together a week of incentives for staff to get involved with”

Sunday is World Mental Health Day. A day to learn about mental health, speak out, spread the word, and make change happen! We are proud that Drew Smith can play a part.