Brewery Place Team Make a Festive Donation to Local Food Bank

The team at Drew Smith’s newest open market sale site in Blandford, Dorset, have shown their generous festive spirit and have donated a huge pile of food to their local food bank. Sales Consultant, Karina, took the lead and collected the impressive amount from the wider site team, partners, and even future residents of Brewery Place who she has sold new homes to and will be moving in later in 2022.

Karina said: “”We are a new development in Blandford and want to work to improve the community any way we can. Donating to the local food bank was an obvious choice at this time of year. We look forward to working with the people in Blandford a lot more in 2022 and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas”.

The team delivered their impressive collection of food to Blandford Food Bank, a church-based food bank ran by local volunteers and met with the team who are doing such incredible work there.

Karina and the team are now working on plans on how to support other local causes in the new year.