Drew Smith’s Lawn Care Calendar

At Drew Smith we want your beautiful new home to be everything you imagined and that includes keeping your garden looking its best. You will have seen when you moved into your new home that we have laid high quality turf in your garden, keeping this looking lush and green is now down to you.

Here are our month by month recommendations on how to care for your lawn throughout the year:


Ensure that all leaves are swept up and avoid walking on your lawn during the frost to protect it from breakage.


Remove worm casts from your lawn using a rake to ensure that they do not kill any shoots that might be underneath them.


Roll the lawn with a heavy roller to firm the ground and check the edges to see if they need neatening up or repairing. This is a great time to feed and weed your lawn.


Rake out any dead weeds and moss before giving your lawn its first cut of the year but make sure that you don’t mow it too short to start off with. Add a little lawn seed if you see any patches that need it.


Start lowering the height of your lawn mower and mow once a week making sure you treat any weeds as and when they arise.


To thicken the lawn, you should try and mow the lawn twice a week and can run a rake through it before you mow to try and catch any weeds and moss. Keep edges neat by giving them a regular trim and give your lawn a weed and feed.


As the hot weather begins you should water your lawn in the mornings and evenings. Spike the lawn if the ground if hard to allow water to soak in.


As the heat starts to affect your lawn you can apply a nitrogen fertiliser to help maintain the health of your lawn.


This is a key month for lawn care so only mow your lawn if it really needs it and use a scarifier to remove any dead moss and weeds. Make sure you weed and feed!


Get your lawn ready for the winter by removing any worm casts, clearing leaves and give the lawn its last weed and feed treatment.


Give your lawn the last mow of the year and ensure that all leaves and debris is removed. If the lawn becomes waterlogged, you should try and avoid standing on it.


At the end of the year try and keep your lawn as clear as possible so that it is in the best condition when it gets to Spring.

This information is just a guide to help you achieve a beautiful lawn yourself. However, you will find many local companies willing to give advice and provide a regular lawn care service if you wish to use them. The most important point to remember is that your new turf lawn is a mass of plants that require the correct balance of water, sunlight and food to survive.