How to Optimise Open Plan Living

We asked Drew Smith’s interior designers about how they design a home with to maximise the use of open plan living. 

As a designer with our interior design partners, Claude Hooper, Jenni is well placed to share some great tips on how to design an open plan home. Not only that, Jenni has recently moved into her new home and can share some of her own experiences on how open plan living worked out for her.

“The demand for open plan living has increased in recent years, what was once just a concept for the few has now become the norm for many. I am a huge fan as this use of space has so many advantages and not just for families.

The thing I love most about open plan designs is how it brings people together and the space is meant to be multifunctional. You can be in the kitchen and still see your children playing in the family area. A dining space that is constantly utilised rather than just for mealtimes. The living area, often being the largest area in the home, it is somewhere that you can all gather and not feel on top of each other.

When considering an open plan design the space must be thought out carefully.

  • What zones do you require for you and your family?
  • Do you require storage solutions?
  • Do you need a home office or a space to work from home?
  • Is an area for the children to play important?

In the last year we have all had to utilise our homes in ways we had not imagined, and open plan living can help with this. Using furniture to create separate areas within your home is also an effective way of making the most of the space. You can split the dining and living areas with a cosy corner sofa or use a dining table next to the kitchen to create an area for family meals, home working or kids’ activities.

Spend time making sure that all the elements work together and make the room flow, if you add to much you will just create a room that looks cluttered.

In my own home I am going through the planning process and we have an open kitchen, family, and dining area for the first time and our open plan living as become a real hub of the household.

At Claude Hooper we have found the request of a work from home space increase dramatically. Smaller bedrooms which had once been planned for children’s bedrooms are now allocated for home offices, kitchen tables have become duel purpose and dining and living rooms have had to me rearranged to make room for desks.

The space for home working does not need to be large but does need to be practical and everyone has their own specific requirements and often open plan living can accommodate this effectively.”

For more information and inspiration take a look at the Claude Hooper website today!