How we Build

Drew Smith is committed to building new homes to maximise energy efficiency and minimise any other environmental impacts of construction. We understand how important it is to be aware of the impact of the industry from the design stage all the way through to construction and completion.

  1. Every piece of our timber in your house is sustainably sourced. This means that new trees are planted to replace those cut down.
  2. Whenever possible we source our materials from the UK. We also use local trades people and suppliers.
  3. Any blocks we use within the construction of your home are the most energy efficient available and 80% of material within the blocks is recycled material – this saved heat loss from our homes and thus reduces CO2 emissions.
  4. Unused wood and other materials on site are recycled or made available for charities to utilise. Our waste is recycled at around 75%.
  5. No rainforest products are used in building Drew Smith homes.
  6. All our floor joists are made in the UK using a carbon neutral process and sustainably sourced timber.
  7. Environmental reports and assessments are taken into consideration early on. Drew Smith has plants new trees on all our developments.
  8. We only use composite front doors which are insulated to lessen heat loss from our homes.
  9. We install bird, butterfly, and bat houses where possible so that wildlife can flourish in their homes without disruption.