Meet the Apprentice

Harrison is a Trainee Quantity Surveyor at Drew Smith. He is currently completing his apprenticeship and studying a degree in Quantity Surveying at University of Portsmouth.

We asked Harrison about his apprenticeship at Drew Smith.

Why did you choose Drew Smith to compete your apprenticeship?

At the time was I wasn’t sure whether to extend my apprenticeship beyond my HNC and Drew Smith were happy to assist me in my career development regardless of my decision – however spent time to discuss this with me so I could best make my own informed decision.

Drew Smith is an excellent company to complete my apprenticeship as its clear that they are keen for their team to succeed and offer great opportunities for an ongoing career with them.

What’s the best part of being an apprentice at Drew Smith?

The team here are great. There are multiple colleagues across different departments that I can ask questions regarding my development and degree, some of which have very recently finished their own degree and can provide first-hand experience.

What does your day to day job involve?

At Drew Smith no two days are the same! My activities vary, having me looking over A1 architects’ drawings, walking around construction sites, speaking with trades and pouring my soul into spreadsheets. It provides a comfortable balance between desk work and staying on my feet.

What do you love about working at Drew Smith?

The Drew Smith culture is very open and honest. If you have an issue, there is always someone to go to that will assist and best provide a solution.

What is your favourite development and why?

Kingston Prison in Portsmouth. It’s very local for me and I am grateful to know how to site is being regenerated for a second life, whilst maintaining the architectural heritage of the prison walls and existing prison block.

What inspires you about your job?

Knowing that I am helping towards creating idyllic communities within our development projects is great. I love seeing much needed affordable housing being created to support the communities that we are working in.