Top Design Tips For Creating a Home Working Space

With many of us still spending the majority of our working days based at home, we asked our show home interior design partners Claude Hooper how we can apply simple interior design tips to make working from home more enjoyable to increase our productivity.

Claude Hooper is a well-established interior design consultancy designing show homes for the UK property industry and the Drew Smith team has always enjoyed seeing how they can transform our new homes. The Claude Hooper team have come up with four amazing design tips that you can apply in your own home to make the most of your space.

  1. Create storage that can be used to clear away items that might not be needed while you are at work like toys that can then be easily accessed when needed.
  2. Create a library look by using tall bookcases. Team up with a stylish desk and leather chairs to create a smart and grown up workspace.
  3. Maximise space saving options by installing contemporary shelving solutions that can be used as a workspace. This will not only allow you utilise the area as a space saving desk, but you can also store everything you need for your working day.
  4. Bend the rules when using paint and colour. If you are using a space in another room to work in don’t be afraid to section off the area with paint. This is a really unique way to separate the uses for the room and effectively utilise the space.

For more information and inspiration take a look at the Claude Hooper website today –