The Valley

Drew Smith secured this crucial Local Authority site under a two-stage framework procurement process. The site is in the heart of a densely populated residential area in Winchester set on the side of steep hill, with a level change from top to bottom of c37m.

As part of the procurement process Drew Smith prepared a detailed and substantiated pre-construction fee schedule as part of the cost plan submission. With planning consent already granted Drew Smith was able to move swiftly into the RIBA stage three design elements and a variety of focussed investigations, works and reports.

With in-depth experience of schemes of this nature Drew Smith recognised the distinct benefits of early scheme involvement in the pursuit of cost mitigation/certainty, accelerated delivery, build method selection and construction quality. Completion of this project in Spring 2021 will bring high quality affordable accommodation in the Stanmore area of Winchester, 100 years after the 1st Council home was built.